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New 90°C Rated Unarmoured Fixed Wiring Cable

In commercial builds there has been a growing use of cable basket installations as well as modular wiring practices where general Twin & Earth and Flex (6242Y/6242B) type cable is being used. Twin & Earth is not ideal for laying in basket and Flex is designed as a cable for flexible appliances and not as a building fixed wiring solution, both rated as 70oC cables and have current capacities to Table 4D2A.

Flexcables Ltd has developed a BASEC CAD038, approved specific fixed wiring cable FLEXIPOWER, a 90oC rated unarmoured fixed wiring power cable, this has been designed to meet these changing needs of cable installation, offering an additional choice to the traditional fixed wiring of cables and the requirements of modular wiring systems.

Feature and Benefits:

90 degrees C

90oC rating, Increased current carrying capacity compared to 70oC rated cables.

Class 2

Class 2 conductor and Class 5 option For increased flexibility.

Low smoke

Low Smoke Halogen Free Now expected with most building cabling today.

Speed of installation

Easy to Use Speeds up Installation

UV Stable

UV Stable sheath Can be used outside