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Flexishield R Cable
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Rodents have been a menace to many a wiring system within buildings, chewing cables to the point of being inoperable and creating a potential danger. This is a fairly common problem faced by building owners and to-date there has been only two real options open to combat this issue, either to install SWA cables or to use steel conduit, both cumbersome and very often impractical methods, especially for re-wire jobs.

Flexcables Ltd has now introduced, FlexishieldR, a solution that offers rodent repellent properties to significantly prolong the life of cables where rodents are an issue. Based on the well-known Flexishield range of cables, FlexishieldR is manufactured generally to BS 8436 and so all the benefits of this type of cable will be had in addition to the rodent repellent properties.

  • Designed for use in building voids and thin partition walls.
  • Flexishield has been widely specified and used on many buildings from council housing, school Academy's to large hospital projects.
  • Fail safe by operating an MCB under nail penetration conditions, reducing the need to use RCD's, as outlined in Regulations 522.6.201 to 522.6.204 of BS7671:2008 Amd 3: 2015
  • Flexishield is a versatile multi-purpose screened fixed wiring cable; savings of up to 40% on installed cable costs can be made.