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Flexishield R Cable
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Comes with Additional Benefits

Fast Fast Ease and speed of Installation. Up to 40% reduction in installation times can be seen
when compared to traditional cabling systems.
Fail Safe Fail Safe Can withstand fault
currents of up to 200A.
Will operate a up to 40A Type B or 20A Tpe C MCBs and so will fail safe when penetrated by a nail or similar metallic object.
Lightweight Lightweight Up to 60% less weight and 20% less space required than traditional small
armoured multi-layered cables.
Easy to handle and install, lighter cable tray
could be used for multiple layers of cables.
Flexible Flexible Pliable yet robust. Offers impact resistance, retains its
shape when bent and dressed.
Multi Use Multi-Use Can be installed on many surfaces
or chased behind plaster and within
different building structures.
Flexible in the applications it can be
used for as a multi purpose cable.
BS7671 BS7671 Full sized CPC. Compliance with BS7671 earthing.
Shielded Shielded Bonded
aluminium tube.
Effective screen to electrical interference, Very easy to strip sheath to expose cores for termination.
UV Stable UV Stable UV stable sheath Can be used outside.