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Flexishield R Cable
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How It Works

A specially formulated sheath compound additive has been produced which retains it’s Low Smoke Halogen Free properties, but gains the rodent repellent properties. This compound works on 3 main principles of a rodent’s behaviour:

  1. Aversion by the rodent, it is extremely foul tasting.
  2. Discomfort to the rodent, it upsets the soft tissues of the mouth and nose.
  3. Fear to the rodent, it evokes the rodent’s natural fear to the smell of a predator’s urine.

It has been shown with this formulated compound additive the incidence of bites on a cable is considerably reduced. It sounds bad for the rodent, but the sheath is non-hazardous, nontoxic and environmentally safe, safe to handle by people.*

*Always good to wash hands after handling FlexishieldR cables.